The P2 Partnership was established by two property professionals, Andrew Madin and Stuart Blake.

P2 aims to add value to land.

We seek out partnerships with land and property owners who either do not have the experience, expertise, time or necessary funding to un-lock the potential of the assets they own.

The company is based in Edinburgh but operates nationally with portfolio management and active projects throughout the UK.

We have a combined total of 40 years experience in the property industry dealing with all types of situations. Our contacts are national, covering the occupiers, professional, financial and advisory sectors.

In addition we have funding available to acquire land or finance a planning process to secure a change of use.

In simple terms The P2 Partnership work with you to add value.

About Us

P2 offers a personal approach to maximising the value of property through our asset/portfolio management services.

Alternatively P2 also has the financial strength to purchase property through a number of means ranging from an unconditional acquisition or joint venture to a profit sharing option arrangement.

The most appropriate strategy is adopted by working in partnership with land and property owners to fulfil requirements/specific targets. We always seek to achieve a tailored solution for mutual benefit.


Planning and general practice qualifications combined with knowledge, experience and team-work with trusted professionals lead us to offer the following services aimed at maximising value:

  • Landowner partnership agreements & joint ventures, options or purchases
  • Town Planning
  • Valuation
  • Property management
  • Finance
  • Political connections
  • Occupier knowledge/contacts
  • Retail assessments
  • Traffic impact studies
  • Architectural Asset Management
  • Engineering Solutions
  • Environmental Strategies
  • Tax and Legal advice
  • Investment partners
Contact Us

The P2 Partnership Ltd
28 Alva Street

Andrew Madin
0777 567 1963

Stuart Blake
0792 083 8355